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I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and read Aidan's story. We appreciate the fact that some of our friends and friends of theirs have helped to share his story and follow his progress. We are hoping that through the sale of our shirts and soon to be other products that we will help raise money that will be used for research and for families struggling with the financial burden of having a child with Autism.

I have read recently that Autism is not a disease but a disorder, that a lot of parents who have Autistic children do not wish for a cure but for the rest of the world to have understanding and compassion for their children. To be kind, friendly and supportive to their kids. This is only my opinion but the world we live in today is filled with bully's, insensitive, mean, cruel, and ignorant people. This is not to say that there aren't millions of kind, generous, thoughtful, caring, sensitive, friendly, wonderful, courageous, and intelligent people in the world. The problem is that we cannot shield our children from the bully's, the mean, cruel and insensitive ones. Seeing your child in physical pain is one thing but watching your child or even thinking your child is the victim of cruel and insensitive, ignorant people is unimaginable. I have read some of the most horrific stories about Autistic children that seem so unimaginable yet real. Whether Autism is a disease, a disorder, a disability, or the next evolution in mankind, I will hope that one day researchers can find what causes it and develops some kind of cure that would take away the Autism, the learning disability, give them back their voices and save them the potential emotional scars they may carry from inevitably coming in contact with uneducated, ignorant people.

I would not want to change the boy that Aidan is, Just allow him to grow in our society as his brothers will and not have to worry about who will protect and care for him when Lisa and I are gone.

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