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It's Really Not Funny

Yesterday I came home as i usually do with enough time to play for a bit with Aidan before bath and bedtime. My usual greeting these days is "Hello daddy, come play with me." How lucky am I that what was unimaginable 2 years ago is now reality. From a boy who lost his voice to Autism and did not recognize his own name when being called, to a happy, cheerful kid who greets me everyday with big smiles, and lots of love along with a growing vocabulary that sometimes makes me ask, where did he learn that from.

Well, yesterday was not an ordinary day as my greeting was just non stop gibberish. No words were flowing. He was very talkative and had a whole dialog going. Just none of it made sense. Each time i would say, tell me that again, more gibberish would come out. I began to get frustrated and the first thing that came to mind was oh my god, is he playing with me or did something happen in his brain. After all he is prone to seizures and with the autism, who knows.

I say to him, please speak English to me. I don't understand what you are trying to say. He rambles on and pats the floor so i will sit with him. I say "Aidan, Use words." He smiles and just keeps rambling to the point that I start to feel stress over it. The more I engage him the more gibberish comes out. I ask Lisa whats going on. She doesn't know either. Just when I start to really feel the stress, anxiety, and confusion with him, he just looks up and says" C'mon daddy, come play." Once again my son is back. For just a moment in time I couldn't tell if we lost him or if he was just being a boy, playing a trick on me.

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