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Sibling Day Today

I don't know who comes up with these odd holidays but guessing its hallmark as they have a lot of cards to sell. Growing up for me was somewhat interesting as i had 3 younger brothers and an older sister and to say we all got along back then, well, lets just say we didn't hang out together. As a matter of fact, we didn't like to share friends, toys, clothes, pretty much we all just did our own thing. As a matter of fact, I borrowed this from my sisters blog just to put things in perspective.

my brother alan...

he's less than two years younger than me and he's the oldest of the four brothers. i wasn't the nicest sister back then...well hell, i wasn't even in the running for nicest... mean and selfish might be more least until i got old enough to feel bad about that. alan was a dreamer from the start. we'd be riding in the car near the water and he'd point toward the ships and say "that's my boat"...i'd let him know, in loud tones, that it wasn't his boat. apparently i thought it was my sisterly duty to throw reality at him, and i always let him know how stupid his pretending a little boy, he refused to eat meat, because there was an animal involved...when my mother finally got him to have a piece of chicken, i'd be there to remind him that it was a dead animal. that's the kind of sister i was back then...

Aidan has 2 older brothers. Justin is 17 and Colin is 14. Justin and colin each have their own set of friends and yet still hang out together sometimes. They are both accepted by each others friends. Sometimes its like one big party at our house with anywhere from as few as 6 to as many as 20 or more friends hanging out. They both play football, they both do very well in school and still have distinctly different personalities.

Aidan loves them and hangs out with them as much as he can. They both play with him. They both talk to him and they both love him. Aidan loves to hang out with the older kids whenever they are over and all of them accept him. Its like he's one of the boys and their his friends too.

As my own siblings got older, we became closer, still having our moments but still closer. Two years ago my sister Wave died of breast cancer after battling it for 7 years. I am very grateful that we became close when we got older but more importantly I am beyond grateful that i have 3 amazing sons that help to look after each other, talk to each other, share with each other, and love each other while their young. Hopefully this bond between them will continue to stay strong. So heres to you Wave, on siblings day, we love and miss you and wish you could see the amazing young men Justin and Colin are turning into, and the progress that Aidan has made since your gone.

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