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Little Miracles

When Justin was very young we enrolled him into the Silton Swim School to teach him how to swim. I myself don't swim. I don't like going under water and have an immense fear of drowning. It took some encouragement and a lot of patience but Justin soon learned to swim. Like a fish, underwater, diving, jumping in pools. It always scared me a bit but I was always thankful that he could. Next came Colin. He also attended the Silton Swim School. He was a very withdrawn child when he was younger. Didn't want to have to talk to people and never liked being left alone.

I remember having to take him to nursery school one day and it was so heartbreaking. The separation anxiety he experienced was painful. Leaving him at the swim school was tough to say the least. But in the course of a few weeks, Colin, like Justin was swimming. I remember thinking how wonderful it will be for them to be able to go to parties, the beach, maybe even a swim team and who knows what that could lead to. I was very proud and still very proud as they are young men who can dive, swim under water, and are very comfortable in boats, in the ocean and the pool.

Now we get to Aidan. He has no fear really due to the autism. We worry about him just walking around a pool. Often there have been moments when I thought I may have to overcome my own fear and insecurities to jump in after him as it looked like he was going in whether we wanted him to or not. I am guessing Aidan's not having a fear of water is a blessing in disguise as it turns out, he also is starting to be a little fish. He is not enrolled in a swim school or class. He is just imitating what he sees perhaps along with some positive encouragement from my inlaws, his brothers, friends and other family members who all enjoy the pool. Just check this out.

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