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It's A New Year

As each New Year comes we try and reflect upon the prior years ups and downs, successes and failures, celebrations and heartaches, and attempt to make new years resolutions, changes in our lives and navigate a new course for us, our families, our businesses.

First, for anyone taking the time out to read this, THANK YOU and from our family to yours we wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Aidan has gone thru a number of changes this year. A few ups and a few downs. He had to switch classes going from a more mainstream larger class back to a smaller not so main stream class. Unfortunately he needs the more one on one learning approach. His GI doctor from CHOP is keeping a closer eye on him as he has stopped growing for the moment. (more to come later).

Along with the New Year comes new things and our redesign of AidanInspired. We hope you like the new site and of course our new line of shirts. We are working to help raise Autism Awareness and money for Blooming with Autism, a non profit organization based out of Florida who helps families to pay for a variety of things including therapy and learning tools such as iPads. We will donate a portion of each sale to them. Please help us help them.

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