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Aunt Wave

3 years ago today my sister, Beverly, better known as Aunt Wave, died. She had been fighting breast cancer for a long time. I remember when she had first told me about it and the doctors told her the survival rate was I believe less than a 5% in 2 years. I told her doctors have been wrong before and she would do well not to listen to that. She of course thought I was being my usual optimistic self and not hearing what she was saying. Just living in my own world. In my world my sister who I was very close to and talked to often didn't have breast cancer. She wasn't going to die in the next 2 years. Well I guess we were both right. She did have cancer but she wasn't going to die in 2 years. She died 7 years after her diagnosis. She was a fighter. She had an amazing support system of friends, family, and Mitchell. He was her other half. He cared for her, put up with her, fought with her and loved her. He was there the entire time, literally till the end.

When we are growing up we were not that close. While she was only 2 years older than I was, she was in a different world than I was and she made it a point to remind me of that all the time. I was a dreamer who spent my time living in a somewhat fantasy world and her job as my older sister was to constantly bring me back to reality. In her own words to me later on in life, "I was not very nice to you." I guess it was her way of saying she was sorry for being mean to me. I am not sure when we actually became close. No defining moment that i can remember. Just one day we were. Here is what I do remember for sure. I always looked up to her. She was fearless. She was kind. She was incredibly smart and an amazing writer. She was a fighter and someone who never quit. She made it a point to help people. She cared about people and even if we didn't always agree on things, she always respected my opinion. She was always there for me.

Aidan never got to know Aunt Wave although she got to know him a bit. She came to visit after he was born. We talked about him and the struggles with his health all the time. Although battling terminal cancer she never once forgot to ask how Aidan or the other boys were doing. We talked often. We miss you and you are with us everyday. Rest in Peace Aunt Wave.

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