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It's Been A Long Time!

So it has been a long time since I have updated the blog for Aidan. Apparently I neglected most of 2015 and parts of 2016. So let me give you some quick updates. Aidan is now in 2nd grade. The class he is in is for special needs kids and he has great teachers as well as great teachers aides. When I say great, it means they are special people. They are special, as they care. They dedicate their time and patience to working with special needs children. It takes a special person to do that.

Aidan still gets lots and lots of therapy. Speech, OT, and behavioral therapy. He has therapy 5 days a week typically. Meghan is still with us as his primary babysitter and intern therapist. Because of Aidan she has changed her major in school in order to work with and help kids like Aidan. Again, a very special person.

Aidan still loves school buses. He has a very large collection of buses, cars, trains, trucks, and assorted other vehicles. They are everywhere in our house. He likes to travel with at least one bag filled with them. He plays everyday with them, lining them up and carefully inching each one forward, a little at a time. He has also discovered super heroes; Batman, Superman, Ironman, The Hulk and of course his favorite, Spiderman. He actually sat with me and watched two complete movies; Spiderman and Spiderman 2 back to back!

Aidan has also discovered a fascination with traffic lights. sometimes he makes us drive around just to see which ones are working and which ones aren’t. He actually has some toy traffic lights and for his birthday. His grandparents got him a real traffic light that actually works and is now hanging in his play room.

Additionally, Aidan has taken a liking to a number of TV shows. We wouldn’t expect him to like or understand the shows but he is into them, mainly Icarly, Victorious, Henry Danger and his new favorite, PJ Masks. Icarly and Victorious are meant for a teenage audience but I guess he likes the characters or the music. A lot of times he will just lay in our bed and watch TV for a while before school or before bedtime. He still uses his iPad everyday. He likes to play games… board games like chutes and ladders, cards and he still does some puzzles. He loves to sing when he is in the car. He probably knows more songs on the radio than I do.

He also plays Challenger football. While we live in brick and are die hard brick football fans (both Colin and Justin play or played for Brick) Aidan plays challenger football in Point Pleasant. Their varsity football team gives up their Sunday mornings to play against special needs kids. The coaches, the kids that referee, the school, but especially the Point Pleasant Panthers deserve a huge hand and a great deal of praise for the job they do each Sunday morning with these kids. It is such a great thing to see him try and follow in his brothers’ path.

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