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Grandma Geber

One of the life altering events in 2015 was my mom dying. Grandma Geber to my 3 sons. My mom loved her grandchildren more than anything in the world, all 10 of them. She lived for them and probably had a special bond with each one. Justin, my oldest was the first grandchild and Aidan my youngest was her last grandchild. Sort of seems fitting I guess. My mom went into the hospital and was released on October 10th 2015, basically sent home to die. Terminal cancer. It was also her birthday. She had just turned 80. The cancer was very quick to take over and she died on November 2. We buried her November 4th, the same day in 2011 that my sister Bev (wave) died. We didn’t have Aidan come to the funeral. We tried to explain that grandma Geber went to heaven. It never really sank in for him, as he would occasionally ask if she was coming to play with him.

As time went on, I often wondered if he just forgot about her or maybe he was thinking she abandoned him, stopped loving him, stopped wanting to see him but we never spoke about it again. I just figured some day he will be old enough, smart enough, where he can understand that she didn’t desert him, didn’t leave him, didn’t stop loving him, she just went to heaven. Fast forward to his birthday. October 27th 2016 when my brother George calls him and his cousins Alex and max are saying happy birthday and out of the blue Aidan says, can I speak to grandma Geber. It was probably one of the saddest moments for me, as I didn’t know how to respond. All I could think about was what is going thru his mind and will he ever understand.

One day I hope he will truly understand how much Grandma Geber loved him, cared about him and looked forward to all the time she would spend with him. Until then Rest in Peace, mom.

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