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Mother’s Day

I always see the Facebook ads for supermom t shirts and worlds best mom mugs. Being a mom is a tough job, no doubt about it. Being a mom to a special needs child, that's a super mom. It is a never ending job. Now I’m not suggesting that a mom of non special needs kids job ends or is any less caring but lets face it. As the kids grow up we may worry less, give them more freedom, see them off with their friends and sometimes just be able to relax more. The truth of the matter is that special needs Moms, don’t get to relax. They don’t get to worry less, watch their kids go off to play with their friends or off to college or in some cases, just go to the next room and be busy without needing attention or without having to be watched. Being mothers day today I wanted to just say to all of the moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day to you and hope you all find a moment to relax and enjoy the day. To my wife Lisa, I just want to say how lucky our kids are to have such a caring and devoted mom who like so many other moms in the world would do anything for her kids. Each weekend you spend countless hours riding trains all over the tristate area so Aidan can enjoy what he loves. You spend most days of the week bringing him to and from therapy, doctors visits, and any where else he wants to go. It is because of you he has become the boy he is today. It’s because of you he is doing as well as he is in all areas of his life. So to one of the worlds best moms, one of the superhero moms, a mom that any kid would be proud to call mom or mommy,

Happy Mothers Day. With much love and appreciation.

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