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Friday Morning- Worst Scare I Can Remember

So today we had one of the worst scares I can ever remember. I had just got to work when my phone rang. It was Lisa who called me to ask me where Aidan was and if I heard from the police. I was very confused because just 15 minutes earlier he was asleep in his bed. That’s how long I had been gone for. Lisa then tells me that our garage door is open and he is gone. Apparently while she was still asleep, he left the house. I rushed out of the building into my car and headed home. My heart was racing and I have to say, I was in a panic. As it turns out, he wanted to see me. So in his bare feet and pajamas, he decided to take a walk to the factory. He made it onto route 88 (a bit of distance from our house). Lucky for us the sanitation department had trucks out today and after seeing him pulled over and tried to talk with him. Next, an ambulance was going by and also stopped as well as. They called the police department. They apparently surrounded him and was able to talk to him. When asked what he was doing he said "Going to see my Daddy at work". He knew his name and address and where I worked. The EMT’s and the police brought him home safely. So a big thank you goes out to the Brick Sanitation Department, the Brick EMT's who helped and the Police Department who were right there to help. Thank you all for having the sense and kindness to stop and help.

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