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Grandpa Geber

17 years ago yesterday, my father died. I got a call from my mom about 1 am i guess, that said your father is being rushed to the hospital, I think he's dying. You better come now. Over the course of many years that my dad was sick, I received similar calls and learnt not to take everything so literal. Justin, our oldest was just 6 months old. We would have to get dressed, get a babysitter at 1 am and drive from Manchester to Princeton hospital, an easy hour drive. I told my mom to call me back once she knew if he was really dying and i would of course come, Well, Lisa decided that really wasn't ok and we should go so we got her parents to come over and off to Princeton we went. About half way there i got a call from my brother that my father had died.

I have 3 sons, Justin, Colin, and of course Aidan. I used to be very close with Justin but as he became more of a teenager that closeness has faded. I remind myself of how i was with my dad as i got older. I became more distant. Thought I was an adult who knew everything. I am very close with Colin as he is only 14 and of course I think everyone who knows us would automatically say Aidan is a daddy's boy. Unfortunatly my sons will never get to meet their grandfather. Never go to a ball game with him. He will not get to watch any of my son's play football, graduate from high school and hopefully college. He will not get to see them behind the wheel of their first car. He won't be able to share with them his life experiences. Mostly though, he will not get to watch them grow into amazing young men who hopefully will impact this world in a positive way.

MY son's are very lucky as they still have 3 grandparents who love them very much, who do get to see them grow from little boys to young men and help to influence their lives. My dad would be very proud of the accomplishments of each of my son's as I am. I think he would be most proud of how Justin and Colin look after Aidan. Treat him as if he is one of them. Just a normal kid wanting to fit in and play. I know that he would be very proud of Aidan's accomplishments over the last 2 years. So here's to you Grandpa Geber. May you rest in peace

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