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Take Our Money Please: Part 1

When we decided to set up a website to help promote Autism Awareness and hopefully raise some money we could donate to a worthy cause, we had no idea how difficult it could be to find an organization to give money to. Now if someone was telling me this, my first response would be, I don't understand, you just write a check and send it, whats the problem? Seems easy enough. But for us, its a bit more involved. it isn't so easy to get someone to take our money.

We have wanted to find the right organization who helps out families in need and or an organization helping to fund research about Autism. The issue is that as we approach them and say we are selling a product and would like to donate a portion of the price to their organization they either simply do not return a call or email, or decide that taking our money means they are subject to using our product and feel it may be in conflict with a vendor they currently buy from for their events.

Now of course as a charity looking to raise money I would think that getting the best price on something or at least comparing prices since you are a non profit would make sense. I would also think that as a charity or non profit organization you would want to have as many donations as possible from anyone who wants to donate as the color of money is green no matter what you did to raise it. In this case, we sold some t-shirts in support of Autism Awareness and simply want to take some of the proceeds and donate it. Its not a huge sum of money but we are going to continue to sell and grow our product line and hopefully continue to raise money every month.

So this is our challenge. We could use some help with locating an organization dealing with Autism that would be happy to accept our donation and hopefully continue to accept our donation monthly. We would prefer it to not be a national organization like Autism Speaks as they are pretty well funded and there has to be many more regional or local organizations that could use the help.

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