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A year in the life...

So it has been a very long time since i have updated this site and blog. Life sometimes takes you in directions that stop you from doing things. It takes away your creativity, your ability to communicate, your drive and passion. Sometimes it takes an event or person to get you back on track. so here is a bit of an update on Aidan.

His life is filled with activities thanks to Lisa. He swims, he ice skates, he horse back rides, and plays football to name a few. He has a new babysitter named Meghan who he loves and has become part of our family.

Aidan turned 7 this year and has had to deal with his oldest brother going to college in Miami as well as starting 1st grade in a new school. Justin was home recently from college and Aidan was quite excited. Some pics of aidan and his brother Colin as well as seeing Justin again.

Aidan also lost someone very important in his life. Grandma Geber who past away this month from Cancer. She was very close to him. He used to watch out the window all the time asking when she would be here if i told him she was coming. I don't think he understands what it means for someone to die and go to heaven. maybe one day.

Grandma Geber and all 10 Grandchildren. May she rest in peace

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